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Any language school from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe can enter the Association after an inspection and the confirmation that it satisfies the standards of the quality of teaching, curriculum and educational support for students and teaching staff.

Requirements for the educational organization

1. Premises and facilities of a language school

1.1. Classes should be clean, airy and comfortable and they should have enough space for 16 students.

1.2. The school should have at least 2 rooms: one used as a classroom and another as a teachers' room. Both rooms can be used for interviews.

1.3. The phone should be available on the teaching premises.

1.4. The toilet should be clean and functioning properly.

1.5. A whiteboard and whiteboard markers should be available for teachers.

1.6. A tape-recorder should be in every classroom.

1.7. The copier should be available for teachers or the administrative personnel should copy materials at the teachers' request.

1.8. A kettle, tea and coffee is supposed to be available for teachers and administrative staff.

2. Administrative Staff of the educational organization

2.1. General requirements:

2.1.1. Administrative staff (at least one) should be in the school during classes.

2.1.2. The administrative personnel assists teachers and helps to solve problems and complaints in a fair way.

2.1.3. The administrator should speak English (a level of Pre-Intermediate or higher is preferable) or a translator should be present, if non-Russian teachers work for the school.

2.1.4. The administrator should have information concerning all questions connected with teaching languages: levels, books, system and so on.

2.2. Requirements for the administrative staff working with teachers and clients

2.2.1. They must have good communication skills (kindness, politeness, problem solving, dealing with complaints.

2.2.2. They must develop effective cooperation with non-Russian teachers.

2.2.3. They must know everything about the service provided (the system, structure, rules of enrolment, fees, schedule).

3. Students fees

The school must return money in case of the cancellation of studies by a student.

4. Juridical questions

The educational organization should correspond to all requirements valid on the territory where school is located.

5. Educational process

5.1. Placing a student in the group is done according to the results of a written test and the interview.

5.2. The test and an interview is held in classroom.

5.3. The interview is done one to one by a teacher.

5.4. The time of the interview is agreed with by a teacher in advance.

5.5. Mixed groups (of different ages and levels) can be formed only after the consent of the teacher.

5.6. Textbooks: a teacher is supposed to have all the necessary materials for teaching: teacher's pack, teacher's book, cassettes.

6. Teachers

6.1. All teachers must have a higher linguistic education and CELTA or an equivalent certificate.

6.2. A contract should be signed by all teachers, where the terms of pay and work are clearly defined.

Quality Standard

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