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Affiliation Agreement

1. The Association of language schools for the teaching of English and European languages: Association and its members

1.1. The Association for the Teaching of English and European Languages (ATEEL), founded in 2002 by Martin Lemon, Barry Crossen, George Goss, Melanie Butler, Tony Hubbard, Grant Taylor, Sue Collins and Brain Evance, is a network of independently owned and managed educational establishment located in the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe.

1.2. The charitable aim and objective of the Trust is to develop the quality of teaching in educational establishments in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and share the considerable expertise and experience of the Trust members. The Trust achieves this aim by providing teacher training courses, by curriculum, marketing, recruitment and consulting support, by centralised recruitment service, by training courses for administrative personnel, by annual conferences and seminars, by collaborating internationally with other charitable organizations with similar aims, and by providing other educational services relevant to English language teaching. The Members of the ATEEL share the overall aims of the Trust and extend these to include the teaching of languages other than English.

2. The aims of this Membership Agreement are:

2.1. To maintain and develop the status and reputation of the Association for the Teaching of English and European Languages in the field of developing the quality of teaching and the teaching process.

2.2. To require Members to observe a high standard of professional and commercial conduct in their dealings with students, clients, staff, other members, and the general public.

2.3. To facilitate communication among Members.

2.4. To encourage Members to meet, co-operate, and exchange information by organizing conferences, meetings, and other events.

3. Structure and organization of the ATEEL

3.1. The ATEEL President

3.1.1. Functions of the President are: To represent and work for the collective interests of all Members in relation to other organizations. To advise the Organisation Committee on all important matters of policy or substance affecting the affairs and interests of Members.

3.2. The Organising Committee

3.2.1. The Organizing Committee is the ATEEL executive body, responsible for the provision of Members services and for the co-ordination and monitoring of the educational activities of Members in accordance with the terms of this Membership Agreement.

3.2.2. The main functions of the Organising Committee are: The provision of services to Members. The promotion of Members and the inspection and selection of applicants. TThe administration of inspection and advisory visits to Members. The organization of the annual Members Conference, seminars and trainings, and other general meetings or gatherings of Members.

3.3. Membership and Territory

A membership is an educational establishment (whether a corporate body, partnership, firm or individual) which specializes in language teaching located in the territory of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and which:

3.3.1. Accepts and undertakes to abide by this Membership Agreement.

3.3.2. Has been accepted into membership by the Organising Committee, in consultation with the President, and has signed the formal Membersgip Agreement, in consultation with the Organising Committee.

3.4. Annual Members Conference

3.4.1. An Educational Conference is held at least once every year, to which each Affiliate is encouraged to send at least on member of its educational staff, normally a Director of Studies. The conference program includes seminars or lectures on specific areas of language teaching relevant to Members, and also provides a general forum for discussion, exchange of ideas and information on any aspect of language teaching. A report on the conference is produced by the Organising Committee and distributed to all Members.

3.4.2. The Agenda for the Annual Conference is circulated to all Members at least four weeks in advance of the conference.

3.4.3. Meetings and trainings of Special Interest Group may be convened, as required. Provision is made in the agenda and sent to the Organising Committee by a Member no later then six weeks prior to the date of the proposed meeting.

3.5. Financial Arrangements

3.5.1. The Organising Committee operates on a non-profit, self-financing basis: most running costs and services are financed by the Members through membership fees, service charges, handling fees or contributions to expenses, on a standard scale of charges.

3.5.2. In exceptional or deserving circumstances, the Membership Fee, or other fees or charges normally applicable, may be varied, waived or postponed for one or more members, at the discretion of the Director of the Organising Committee.

3.5.3. The salary costs of educational inspections and advisory visits to Members are financed by the Organising Committee funds. Travel costs and local expenses are paid by the Member, as agreed with the Organising Committee in advance of the visit.

3.5.4. The financial year of the Organising Committee is the calendar year from 1st January to 31st December. The accounts of the Organising Committee and all fees are payable by Members, and normally in Euros.

3.6. Financial Obligations

3.6.1. Annual Membership Fees: payable annually as agreed by the Director of the Organising Committee.

3.6.2. The Member undertakes to inform the Organising Committee or the Member concerned in advance if and when the above payment deadlines cannot be met, and to pay any interest charges imposed where such charges are in accordance with the decisions.

3.6.3. Disbursements: all disbursement costs (external advertising, agents' fees, medical, travel, visa costs, etc) incurred in connection with the provision of services to a Member by the Organising Committee are charged in full to the Member, in addition to any applicable charges or handling fees.

4. Rights and Benefits of Membership

The following rights and benefits are granted to the Member during the term of membership, subject always to satisfactory performance of its obligations under this Agreement

4.1. The right to use the trading name ATEEL, the ATEEL logo and the words Member of the Association for the Teaching English and European Languages (in English) in relation to the provision of language teaching or training in the territory defined in the Membership Agreement Acceptance.

4.2. The right, in common with other Members, to use the services provided by the Organising Committee.

4.3. Participation in ATEEL activities. The right, in common with other Members, to participate in all conferences and meetings arranged for Members.

5. Obligation of the Member

5.1. General Obligations

5.1.1. To further the educational ideals of ATEEL by seeking to achieve and maintain the highest standards in all educational courses and services.

5.1.2. To organize and conduct its affairs in accordance with the terms of this Membership Agreement.

5.1.3. To pay punctually all sums due to the Organising Committee or to other Members, as specified under Charges (3.7).

5.1.4. To contribute actively to the promotion, maintenance, and protection of the international reputation and goodwill of ATEEL.

5.1.5. To inform and consult with the Organising Committee on any matters affecting the general interests or reputation of ATEEL.

5.1.6. To inform the Organising Committee immediately of any change or proposed change which might affect the Member's performance of its obligations under this Agreement. (e.g. ownership, structure, management, operations, financial, or other affairs).

5.2. Teaching Standards

5.2.1. To ensure that the provision of teaching and related educational services are in accordance with the ATEEL Teaching Code.

5.2.2. To ensure that the teaching premises, classrooms, facilities, and resources are of an acceptable standard and adequate for their purposes.

5.2.3. To provide an efficiently organised range of courses and educational support services appropriate to the learning needs of the students.

5.2.4. To submit all language teaching courses and services to regular inspections and advisory visits.

5.3. Educational Environment

5.3.1. To provide employees recruited from abroad with adequate arrangements for relocation and settling-in and to provide all such employees with adequate guidance and assistance in their dealings with the government or local authorities.

5.3.2. Предоставить всем работникам письменное соглашение, подписанное обеими сторонами, в котором будут оговорены все условия и срок найма.

5.3.3. To take all reasonable steps to ensure that the terms and conditions of employment for all employees are in accordance with national or local employment regulations.

5.4. Other Obligationss

5.4.1. To display the ATEEL name and logo clearly, openly and at least as prominently as any other name or logo in all brochures, publicity, and advertising for the educational services covered by this Agreement, and to include in all such publicity the words Member of the Association for the Teaching of English and European Languages.

5.4.2. To ensure that the ATEEL logo conforms to the standard set by the Organising Committee in terms of shape, proportion and font.

5.4.3. Not to use the name ATEEL or the ATEEL logo in connection with any operations or activities which have not been inspected and approved by the Organising Committee in consultation with the President.

5.4.4. To display the ATEEL letter of accreditation in a prominent position visible to students, clients, and the general public.

5.4.5. To respond promptly to all correspondence or other communications from the Organising Committee or from other Members.


6.1. General Obligations

6.1.1. To provide the Member with the following services:

6.1.2. General assistance, advice, and information on language teaching and the management of language schools.

6.1.3. The arrangement of educational inspections and advisory visits: one visit each year during the first three years of membership, and one visit every two or three years thereafter, with the duration of each visit being agreed in advance.

6.2. To arrange for the provision on request, on the basis of currently applicable charges, and subject always to reasonable advance notice and the availability of the Organising Committee staff and expertise, of the following services to the Member, or to facilitate the provision of such services by any other suitable Member.

6.2.1. Training Services Assistance with the arrangement of suitable programmes in ATEEL. Assistance in the provision of specialised courses, teacher training courses or in-service training programmes run by the Organizing Committee, by facilitating the temporary release or secondment of educational staff from the Organising Committee or other Members or by engaging external trainers or specialists (subject always to reasonable advance notice and availability).

6.3. Specialist Services: provision of specialist advice or assistance on any aspect of language teaching or the management of language schools by the Organising Committee staff.


7.1. Duration Of Membership And Renewal Option

All new affiliates are affiliated to the ATEEL for an initial period of 1 year. At the end of this period and assuming that the Member has kept to the terms of Membership as outlined in this Agreement, the Member shall have the right to extend the Agreement for a further 3 years' period. The Member shall have the right to extend the Agreement for subsequent periods of 3 years in the same manner, assuming the terms of this Agreement have been kept.

7.2. Termination

7.2.1. By the president The President shall have the right to terminate this agreement for reasonable cause, by serving written notice to the Member not less than three months prior to the date of termination, stating clearly the reasons for the termination and what, if any, corrective measures would be acceptable. If all such causes are remedied to the reasonable satisfaction of the President within three months, then the notice of termination shall be withdrawn. In the event of a repeated cause within the following twelve months, the President may serve written notice to the Member that a subsequent repeat of a given cause within twelve months of the notice shall be sufficient reason for a final termination.

7.2.2. By the member Members wishing to leave ATEEL should give notice before September 30th of the current financial year, or they will be charged for the full year. There will be no reimbursement of fees paid.

7.2.3. Effect of Termination Upon termination of this Agreement, whether by lapse of time or by default, the Member shall immediately cease to use the name ATEEL, the ATEEL logo, the words Member of the Association of the Teaching of English and European Languages and all other words, slogans, marks or identifications of ATEEL and of Membership or any imitations thereof or confusingly similar identifications which would tend to suggest any form of link with ATEEL, and also return all ATEEL-copyright materials, software, CD-ROMs, manuals etc that pertain to ATEEL Membership, and undertake to erase all electronic copies and files of the above from all computers and servers in the school and offices.

7.3. Other General Conditions

7.3.1. This agreement is made between the Parties specified in the Membership Agreement Acceptance and shall be effective from the Commencement Date and for the Term specified in the Membership Agreement Acceptance.

7.3.2. The ATEEL Teaching Code shall be deemed to form part of this Agreement.

7.3.3. Any amendments to this Agreement and any other terms, conditions, or regulations as may from time to time be adopted at the annual Members' Conference shall be deemed to form part of this Agreement and any obligations imposed thereby shall be deemed to be binding on the parties hereto.

7.3.4. This Agreement shall be governed or construed in accordance with the law of England.

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