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-switch to russian- was established in 1999 to cater for people who have an active and busy lifestyle. Modelled on several established language schools such as NOVA, Wall Street, Blah-Blah, we have added multimedia technology (English Discoveries) to assist students in learning English.

The school is situated in the very heart of Moscow, with 2 metro stations close by which means wherever you live you'll be able to get home quickly. You will really feel like you're in the centre of the action in Moscow.

From the students' point of view the system of language learning at is radically different from that of most language schools. As is evident from the name of the school, a lot of the students' time is spent using the multi-media teaching programme English Discoveries which runs alongside the lessons in English File 1, 2, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Inside Out for Advanced learners. However, from your (the teacher's) point of view the content and form of the lessons you teach is pretty much the same as any TEFL environment.

The course at is split up into the traditional levels from beginner to advanced using contemporary textbooks (English File and Inside Out). Also these levels have been divided further into actual set lessons, with corresponding page references to the textbooks. Students at the relevant level follow their own individual programs and book lessons with the teacher. What all this means is that you are given a timetable at the end of the previous week stating all the lessons that you will teach for the next week.

The majority of students are adults and thus paying for the course themselves they tend to be highly motivated, which makes the school as a whole a great place to work.

Being at is as much about fun as it is about teaching. The staff (both Russian and Expatriate) often arrange social after work events informally as well as events for both staff and students within and outside the school. We also have Autumn, Christmas and Summer parties, which involve teachers and staff from numerous schools around Moscow.


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