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The English Club

The English Club is the biggest educational company in Chelyabinsk. It was founded in 1992. Every year we teach 1,400 students including adults and children at the age of 4 to 17. The company has three branches: two are in the city center and one is in the Northwest district.

All our rooms are brilliantly furnished and equipped with all necessary teaching facilities like whiteboards, VCRs, TVsets, DVDs, etc. We also have specially equipped rooms for very young learners (4-7years old) where there are carpets for the kids to crawl, a lot of toys, visual aids and appropriate furniture.

For adult students there is a cozy bar where they can go during coffee-breaks.

For the teachers we have a faculty room where they prepare their classes and a big resource room which contains a large number of methodology books, extra visual aids, videos, CDs (including over 300 feature films), etc. Besides there are teacher-trainers to provide help and to control the quality of teaching.

At the English Club we celebrate traditional holidays (Christmas, Halloween, St. Valentine's Day, etc) On these days we decorate our rooms, have special classes. The children can see the performance prepared by our Drama group and take part in different contests. We particularly like Christmas and celebrate it according to all traditions.

For those children who would like to know more about the traditions of English-speaking countries there is a unique opportunity to go to our language camp called «4U camp».

The English Club is open Monday to Friday 9.00-21.00, on Saturdays 9.30-18.00. Sundays and official public holidays are days off work. In July our teachers have vacations.


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