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Established in 1990, BKC-International House has since grown into the largest language school in Moscow, in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is a well-organized and efficient company supporting a professional and successful language school. Over the last fourteen years we've been improving all the services aimed at providing our language students with quality language courses as well as our international teachers with excellent opportunities for professional development.

We have employment opportunities for both experienced and newly qualified language teachers. New teachers, interested in overseas jobs and employment, have the opportunity to travel to Russia and start their English teaching career in a country rich with culture and history.

We encourage our teachers to grow professionally. Many of those who started at BKC-IH as language teachers some time ago have subsequently been promoted to senior positions.

Being Russia's largest and most respected company in foreign language teaching, BKC-IH has the means to recruit the best specialists in the field of education. Moreover, our employees undergo Performance Assessment on a regular basis. They are highly motivated and take pride in being part of the BKC-IH team. They are always ready to help teachers with any problems they may experience, whether it is related to Moscow, Russian traditions or travel questions.

Depending on whether you prefer hustle and bustle of big city life or the quiet, slow-paced atmosphere of small towns you can choose from over 30 of our locations and find a language school that most suit your needs. So, if you are interested in learning the Russian language, or if you want to travel in Russia, or even if you are just interested in working abroad, you will find a place in Russia you can feel at home.


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